Saturday, February 11, 2006

Mt. Ashland

Mount Ashland is a relatively small ski area - less than 300 acres - but it has terrain enough to challenge even expert skiers. Still not an expert myself, I started with a few blue runs, but eventually, the bowl began to call my name. I had never seen terrain so steep - the walls of the bowl are truly vertical, and a quite amazing sight. After looping around the bowl a few times, I finally decided to drop in. Unfortunately for me, it was not a powder day at Ashland, and I found myself scraping along in an icy bowl. One run of that was enough for me, and I headed back to the beautiful groomers. Ashland has a great little lodge, and wonderful terrain, and on this unseasonably warm day I found myself among topless skiers. Ashland is small enough to cover in a day, and that was my project - I made at least one run down every trail before I retired to the lodge for a brew. The runs are very well laid out, and this is a very efficient hill to cover - not much traversing, and plenty of steeps.

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