Sunday, February 12, 2006

Warner Canyon

Warner Canyon is an oasis in the desert. Far off the beaten path, this gem of a ski area is free of crowds, and flush with fine white powder. I made it on a Sunday, and there was plenty of untouched powder to be found. The one lift serves the hill well, providing easy access to everything from gentle groomed runs to powder filled gullies and an ungroomed back area. I was quite impressed to find a nice little lodge with friendly locals serving hot grub at fair prices, and a hill with no lines at all and plenty of the good white stuff. Warner Canyon is run by the local ski club, and it shows - this place is great, and you can feel the love. Everyone is friendly, and they all seem to know each other - and by the end of the day, they will probably know you. I was the sixth car in the lot, and there were never more than twenty five cars all day. The average run here is you all by yourself carving the whole length of the hill. A good mix of terrain, too, although nothing is too extreme. I was heartily impressed, and I can see myself making the trip again in spite of the longer driving time - it is rare to have so much good snow all to one's self!

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