Saturday, January 28, 2006


After driving past Skibowl on my trips to TImberline and Mt. Hood Meadows, and being jealous of the folks still skiing after 10pm on my way home, I finally decided to stop in. Starting at Multorpor lodge, I made my way to the lift and noticed that there was snow far above the level of the loading area. This season has been good to Skibowl, it seems, and the snow on this day was nothing short of amazing. I had seen powder before, but nothing really prepared me for the depth and volume I found at Skibowl. I stayed on the groomed trails and made my way down to the lower bowl lift, and then rode up to stop at the Warming Hut. One mocha, coming up. After downing my espresso (yum!) and taking a few moments to admire the classic architecture and photographs of the warming hut, it was time to explore the slopes. Another quick trip down the lower bowl, and then I was off to the summit. I decided to try out Skyline to get my bearings, and was pleased to find that my skills were now refined enough to get me over the hills along the way. Another quick trip to the summit, and a few over the hill, and the outback was open. I made a quick run there, and found the powder to be nothing short of epic. Do I need a bigger board? The sheer volume of powder was overwhelming in the outback, particularly between the trees. One run in that waist deep powder and I was ready for lunch. A quick crossover to Multorpor, a bite to eat, and then back to the bowl. I cruised the upper bowl most of the rest of the day, enjoying the fantastic conditions, with light snow covering my tracks by the time I came around the next run. On into the night I boarded, no longer jealous of the late night crowd. Skibowl has got it all under the lights.

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