Friday, February 17, 2006

Cooper Spur

Cooper Spur is especially friendly to children, but it also has some charm for adults as well. I made my trip to Cooper Spur in the evening, to take advantage of their incredibly inexpensive night ticket. From four o'clock on, the hill was basically mine, and within a few hours I had made the acquaintance of every run on the hill. It is a small place, no doubt about it, but each of the runs is of high quality, and the crowds are so thin that you can basically imagine that you have the hill to yourself. There is also a sweet little lodge, but after a quick bite, I was right back on the hill. The ride is short, and the hill is just right for making a few turns. I was happy to have the hill to myself and be able to cruise the slopes - and with no lines, there was plenty of cruising occurring. I lost count around 12 runs, and just kept carving until I was ready to head east. At this point, I was on a mission.

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