Sunday, January 8, 2006


I brought my dad along for a trip to explore Hoodoo, as he was interested in the Tubing Hill. While he was happily sliding down the runs there, I was eagerly carving up the powder from summit to base. This was my first visit to Hoodoo, so I began with a few short runs, and stayed off the main lift until I was warmed up. Soon enough the hodag was calling my name, and I took the lift on up to the summit. There was light snow all day, which kept the runs in great shape, and after a few hodag runs, I decided to try out the deep stuff. I made my way down from the summit to Powder Valley, and spent the rest of the day making runs through deep, soft powder. The slopes were in great shape, and I often had a whole run all to myself. It was a dream to have such a great snow day, and I skipped lunch so I could get a few more runs in. By the time the day was over, the smile on my face was fixed in place.

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