Saturday, December 24, 2005


My second trip of the season was to Timberline. I had not yet explored the blue runs at Timberline, or even the Magic Mile. Today was the perfect day to expand my horizons. I brought along a friend, and after making a quick stop at the rental shop (we were first in line), we hit the slopes. The snow was great, and the weather was perfect. A couple of runs down Pucci and then Norman, and I was ready to check out the Magic Mile. I enjoyed peeking back over my shoulder as we sped up the chairlift, taking in the amazing views of the cascades. We decided to start with the East Mile, and it was in fantastic shape - soft powder, and no ice. It was such a beautiful day, I had to take off my hat to cool off! After making a couple of runs on the East Mile, we decided to be even more adventurous, and made our way down to the top of Norman. Having followed the ski area boundary down from the top of the mile, we kept going along the west edge of the ski area, and made our way down Paintbrush. It would be my first attempt at a black diamond, and my friend's as well. Deep breath, and then down we go. It was a thrill, and even though I had to unstrap and kick in a few spots, I was ready to go again. My friend was a little slower, so I made my way to the bottom, gave a friendly wave on the ride up Norman, and then caught up on my second run - no kicking involved. Awesome. We spent the rest of the day cruising the Magic Mile, and soaking up the sun and snow. What a beautiful day.

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