Sunday, December 11, 2005

Willamette Pass

This season I finally decided to get serious about snowboarding. I had only been on the slopes three times before this season, but that was enough for me to get the bug. I started my season with a trip to Willamette Pass in December, where I was pleasantly surprised by the excellent conditions. After parking my car in Eugene, I rode the ski bus to the mountain and headed straight to the rental office. The employees were very helpful, and had me on the hill in no time. I checked my bag at the desk, and took to the slopes. Being a relative beginner, I started out with a few passes down the front side, and then made my way to the summit to try out some blue runs. The weather was sunny, and the view from the summit was amazing - I really felt on top of the world. A quick stop to strap in, and the rest of my day was spent exploring the intermediate runs, with an occasional detour to duck through the trees. It was a beautiful day, and by the time I returned my gear, I had decided that this year would be the perfect year for snowboarding.

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