Tuesday, December 25, 2007


I arrived at Hoodoo as a passenger, and very much enjoyed the relaxation of not being the driver. My father was kind enough to volunteer, and we made the trip to Hoodoo together again. Although the initial hope had been to get dad onto a snowboard, and see if he could learn some skills before the trip to Idaho, he was injured, and couldn't snowboard today. Thankfully the tubing hill was open today, so we supplemented my lift ticket by each getting an all-day pass for the tubing hill.

The tubing hill was where we started the day, and we had a very good morning with short lines and fast lanes. After a few laps we were inspired, and grabbed a double-tube to go for a ride - but we were told we could not share a tube, due to my advanced age/size. Instead, we found we could ride the double-tube solo, and it allowed for a much more comfortable ride than the standard round tube. This would be our weapon of choice for the remainder of our tubing all day. Eventually, we decided we should take a break, and headed back to the lodge for lunch.

You might think I was being silly not to be snowboarding, but I was very much enjoying the tubing, and after three straight days of powder turns in Washington, I needed a little rest (I also was developing a cold/flu). Of course, even then I would normally have been working hard to get my dollar worth out of the lift ticket - but in this case, the ticket cost me only $15, thanks to a member of Mt. High snowsports club, so getting my dollar worth meant about ten runs in the afternoon, and then back to tubing until we were beat.

It was a very nice day at Hoodoo, and there was such a small crowd that the powder was in good shape all day, even without the Hodag lift running. I did miss riding the back side of Hoodoo, as it has some great runs for powder days, but I contented myself with the deep powder to skiers right of Ed's chair, where I found many fresh lines even at 2pm. All-in-all, another great day on the slopes - and we even saw Santa at the tubing hill. Merry Christmas!

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