Sunday, March 7, 2010

Summit at Mt. Bachelor

After years of trying to catch a good day for riding the Summit at Bachelor, I finally got my chance today. The snow was a few days old, but holding up well, and the weather was absolutely awesome. I managed to get on the summit early, and enjoyed carving the groomers and exploring stashes of fresh snow as I made my way down. I explored the front side rather extensively, leaving the backside for another day, as riding alone is discouraged on those slopes.

The turns were great, and the wide open groomers provided well-earned relief after a few laps off the trails. The snow was soft and packed powder, with plenty of moguls, and also some fresh tracks left to be made. I carved my share in the bowl, and even down to the cat track, finding stashes of pow and spring conditions depending on the aspect. It was a nice day for photos, too.

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styrofoamtoo said...

That is a fantastic picture. Glad you were able to have such nice day.