Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mystery at Willamette Pass

I belong to the Mountain High Snowsports Club, and so far have enjoyed only one actual club trip (I am also a second year PACRAT), which was a trip to White Pass a couple of years ago.

This year, my unusual job situation has made club trips less attractive for me, so I have gone back to solo travel. Today my plan changed in an unexpected and fun way. The trip to White Pass was one where the trip leaders didn't share the destination with the attendees until the bus was underway. A "Mystery Trip" in the club vernacular.

As I was donning my boots in the lodge this morning, I solved this year's mystery. Mountain High had come in force to Willamette Pass. Of course, with five inches of fresh snow, I would not be waiting for them to catch up. I got ahead of the masses and lapped the backside six times, making the most of a powder day, and carving big arcs in wide open fields of snow. No friends on a powder day is true to a point, but after getting a few laps under my belt, I decided to tag along with the mystery trippers and see where they might lead me.

We had some great runs down the trails and in the trees, and it was interesting to be part of a mass of skiers and riders descending a hill together. The snow was great, and we all managed to find plenty of new lines through the day. I had companions to ride with, to dine with, and later there was even some filming of some human slalom and spins.

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