Friday, November 23, 2007

Meadows, Timberline

Today I decided to head around to Mt. Hood Meadows, just to see how they looked for opening day. Not very impressive, but at least they had two lifts turning for the junkies. I did a few laps on Buttercup, but the line for Easy Rider was so long, I just bagged it and drove over to Timberline. Turns out they had a lot of Pucci runs open for business, so I made a fool of myself on the lower mountain for the rest of the morning. There were plenty of rocks to dodge, but the powder was still free of ice, and it was a nice day for riding weather-wise.

When I headed back down, I witnessed an SUV being pulled out of the ditch barely 100yards up the road from Hwy 26. The road was a bit icy, but that's why we drive slow. More adventures tomorrow...

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