Sunday, October 28, 2007

Northwest Ski Challenge

I have heard through strictly unofficial channels that there will be a Northwest Ski Challenge for the 2007-2008 ski season. This will encompass all three of the State challenges - Ski Oregon, Ski Washington, and now Ski Idaho. Accordingly, I am considering a run at the first trifecta, expanding my initial Idaho project to a full-scale season of insanity. In light of this ambition, I may put off joining a PACRAT team in order to leave my schedule flexible enough to make the 9 or more separate trips that will be required to complete the challenge(s).

I officially kicked off my attempt at the Northwest Ski Challenge today by picking up my Fusion Pass and spending a morning carving turns on the re-opened Palmer Glacier. Conditions were slightly icy in the early morning, but after a few laps things softened up nicely, just enough to make carving comfortable.

I was trying out a new board, and a new stance, on somewhat exposed terrain, and overall it went very well. The new board seems solid so far, and I put my first few scratches into the p-tex with the help of the rocks at the exit from the Palmer lift house (thanks Timberline!). Otherwise my turns were feeling very good - although I think I am about due for a lesson once the coverage makes more terrain available. I need a bit of technical assistance with turns (for racing) and I would love to have a guided tour of how to make the most of the terrain park (and some motivation to practice riding switch).

Word is that the new Jeff Flood lift is almost ready for service, just in time for a little change in the weather scheduled for early November.

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